Coalis: cargo carrier on the river Seine – Europe corridor.

transport-granulats-seineCoalis organises and operates transport of goods by river in Europe. The company is located in a strategic position: the river Seine basin. With more than 80,000 tons of hold capacity available, we are answering the market needs: building materials, metal products, grains, containers, heavy packages, and every kind of industrial waste.

With more than 60 boats, barges and pushers (associated or not to the river transport union Nautalia), a transit dock in Paris and ports all along the river Seine basin, Coalis offers solutions to your logistics and river transport challenges, even for temporary operations.



Responsiveness – Flexibility – Reliability

transport-fluvial-conteneursCoalis owns more than 60 boats (barges and pushers) with transport capacities varying from 350 tons to 5,000 tons in convoy. Thanks to the diversity of the river units, Coalis is able to meet the loaders’ entire needs for river transport.

Every year, the fleet achieves the conveyance of more than 700 million tons of goods thanks to its adaptable units and its experienced crew. Coalis has a zero incident record, the company always meets its deadlines while respecting the environment.

Coalis gives a quick answer to every study or request for river transport. We place your needs and ties at the heart of the logistic solution we offer you.



Coalis organises your multimodal transport

transport_cereales_barge_seineAs a freight forwarder coordinating pre-carriage and post-carriage, Coalis organises your entire multimodal transports: we receive your goods and carry the goods to their final delivery destination. In addition to this, we provide full administrative support for your transport and assume responsibility for the fulfilment of all your projects.

Present on the different European basins, and more particularly on the river Seine basin (including river Oise, river Marne and river Yonne), Coalis provides a multimodal solution that fully answers the economic and the environmental issues of its markets, its customers and of the European supply chain.