Grain transport

In the heart of one of the first export zones in Europe, Coalis is positioned as an important operator in grain transport by river on the river Seine and its affluents.

Coalis exploits a fleet of more than 60 boats, consisting of barges and pushers, and offering a total of 80,000 tons of hold capacity for shipment in 350 to 5,000 tons. The company provides optimal availability and reactivity, allied to a competitive positioning of price and market.


From 350 to 5,000 tons by barge

transport_cereales_barge_seineCoalis carries out the transport of grain industry products by boats and barges on the river Seine and its affluents’ basins. We transport from 350 to 5,000 tons, by shipping, depending on the river network. Moreover, we transport all types of bulk crops: flour, malt and other agricultural products such as fertilisers.

Coalis is committed to develop grain transport by river and invests continuously in its equipment : in upgrading the current holds, in buying new boats of bigger formats in order to group river transport and decrease the costs, and in upgrading the boats motorisation to improve energy efficiency.

Those investments are to our customers – agricultural marketing cooperative representatives – a guarantee of fast transport, with the best price and respect of the environment.


transport-cereales-rouenQuality and traceability challenges

As freight forwarder, Coalis provides administrative support of its operations. The transport of your grain and other agricultural products is secured.

Our crews are fully experienced in loading, transporting, unloading and transhipping agricultural products. We know how to protect the quality of your products.



At the heart of the french grain market

Located in one of the biggest production zones of grain in occidental Europe, Rouen harbour is the biggest harbour for grain exportation in Europe (6 to 8 million of grain exported every year). An important pathway for French grain.

As a river transporter in this major catchment area, Coalis brings active support to develop the exportation of French grain.



Coalis: river transport of grain and other agricultural products.