Construction industry

Coalis is a major operator in construction material transport by river. The company carries out your building and dismantling material transport on the river Seine corridor.

With more than 60 boats, barges and pushers that can be loaded to up to 80,000 tons, the company has a transit dock in Paris and ports all along the river Seine: we answer construction professionals’ entire needs, from intermediate to large scale projects.


Aggregate transport for construction projects

transport-granulats-seineCoalis carries your aggregate from where you buy it to your construction sites. Whether directly unloaded at the dock on your delivery site or carried by road for the last kilometres, your aggregate is guaranteed to be delivered on time to supply your concrete mixing plants.

The company has a transit dock in Paris and ports all along the river Seine basin: it offers complete multimodal transport for your aggregate, combining competitive river transport costs and last kilometre logistic by road.



Transport of building debris and excavated materials by river barges to subsurface containment sites

transport_gravats_barge_seineCoalis answers your debris disposal needs on the river Seine corridor, such as earthwork, as well as building and dismantling sites.

We are authorized to transport almost all types of debris:

  • Transport of class-III and III+ debris: physically and chemically inert debris, allowing subsurface containment in C.E.T (technical landfill centres).
  • Transport of class-II debris: the debris is submitted to a special treatment before being sent to technical landfill centres.
  • Transport of class-I debris: the debris polluted by heavy metals is submitted to specific treatments or sent to registered and highly secured storage centres.


Raw material and rubble transport

Coalis carries out your construction site rubble and raw material transport. From the intermediate to the large scale project. Coalis’ transport capacity answers the needs of the entire construction industry.

Those rubble and raw material are then carried to treatment centres to be re-valued.



Coalis: river transport for the construction industry.