Transport of industrial waste

Transport of recyclable industrial scrap iron for a refuse conversion cycle, of importance both economically and environmentally.

transport-produits-metallurgiques-seineCoalis is a major operator in transport by river. The company carries out all types of material transport on the river Seine corridor and on its affluents.

Coalis offers a total of 80,000 tons of hold capacity, consisting of boats, barges and pushers. The company has a transit dock in Paris and ports all along the river Seine basin, and brings solutions to your logistics and river transport challenges for recyclable metal products.

Thanks to its logistics solution efficiency, Coalis is positioned as a major operator in scrap iron transport by river on the river Seine basin.


Recyclable waste transport

Coalis is authorized to transport every kind of recyclable industrial waste. The waste is submitted to a special treatment (inerting, incineration) or sent to specialised containment centres.

Waybill n° 17/2014.


Long-term contracts for transport with structural needs

In order to secure and organize their transport by river logistic solution, companies can enter into long-term transport contracts.

During the contract period, one or two boats are dedicated to the client’s needs and only used for the transport of his goods. This logistic solution is chosen by recycling and waste conversion specialists.

Some of our boats were outfitted to answer the requirements of this particular transport.



Coalis: transport of unmarked industrial waste by river