The river transport union NAUTALIA

Nautalia : a dynamic french river transport union

logo-NAUTALIAEstablished in March 2010, Nautalia brings together boatmen who own their boats. These boatmen work exclusively for Coalis’customers goods transport.

More than 60 boats, barges and pushers, are thus united in the river transport union Nautalia. The diversity of our boats is our strength: from the Freycinet barge (350 tons) to the self propelled barge (2,800 tons and 3,200 sq. meters), we answer our clients’ needs with responsiveness and flexibility.


The complementariness of Nautalia – Coalis and our tailor-made customer service

The Coalis (transport by river company) and Nautalia (river transport union) partnership answers strongly to our customers’ needs:

Availability and responsiveness: Coalis selects a boat among the Nautalia fleet that answers perfectly your needs for transport by river, respecting your quality, your security and your time limit requirements.

Diversity : the Nautalia fleet is made up of several types of boats to answer the required needs of our customers.

Flexibility : With more than 60 boats, barges and pushers, a transit dock in Paris and ports all along the river Seine basin, Coalis – Nautalia offers an alternative solution for your transport.

Security : Our crews are fully experienced and know their boat and carriage perfectly, and security norms are our priority. Thanks to our full PPE, our constant investment in quality, we boast a zero-accident record.

Price : By chosing Coalis – Nautalia for transporting your goods by river, you are ensured of a stable and balanced freight price.

As a freight forwarder, Coalis organises the entire transport of your goods, provides full administrative support and ensures your merchandise. In mixing transport by river and road transport, Coalis – Nautalia undertakes the multimodal transports of your goods.


Nautalia : french river transport union