Transport of containers by river


Containers by river: tomorrow is on the way

Through its activities, Coalis supports the development of container transport on the river Seine.

This logistic solution links France’s biggest harbour by containers traffic to the Ile de France region.




Containers by river : an alternative to road transport

Choosing container transport in global supply chains has developed interior harbours and made them become continental interchanges of the great seaports.

transport-de-conteneur-seineNowadays, transport by river is a powerful alternative in reinforcement and service expansion of hinterland.

  • Transport by river has great increased for the past 10 years and offers numerous advantages:
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Meeting deadlines: this form of transport does not suffer from congestion
  • Reduced carbon emissions: this form of transport is environmentally friendly and respectful of the surroundings
  • Grouping of container transport
  • Zero accident record


As an operator of container transport by river on the Seine, Coalis is commited to developing logistics that respect the environment and the business needs of clients.

The relationship between sustainable development and river transport takes on it full meaning here.


Coalis: container transport on the river Seine