Metal products

Coalis is a major operator in the transport of metal products by river, on the river Seine corridor. The company transports your reinforcement bars, your coils, your wire rods, your reels in Europe and worldwide.

With more than 60 boats, barges and pushers that can be loaded up to 80,000 tons, Coalis answers to the entire industry’s needs, be it for temporary or permanent contracts. Over the years, the company has gained experience in transporting these sensitive and fragile products.


Coils and reels transport : expertise in sensitive products transport.

transport-fluvial-produit-metallurgiqueCoalis transports more than 100,000 tons every year and offers a complete and secure transport solution for your coils.

We perform river transport of coils from the UK that are directly transhipped to our units and sent to Limay and Evry (France).

From here, Coalis transports the cable reels and level wound coils on the river Seine corridor and in Europe.

Coalis has an extensive experience in transporting these products. Our employees know how to prevent their deterioration and corrosion, they are specifically trained and conscious of the products fragility. Additionally, our boats are perfectly adapted to transport these goods.



A multimodal offer fitted to European markets

Present in the different European basins, and more particularly on the river Seine basin (including river Oise, river Marne and river Yonne), Coalis provides a multimodal solution that fully answers its customer’s markets needs.

Thanks to a fleet of more than 60 boats, consisting of barges and pushers, we operate transports from 350 tons to 5,000 tons and answer the metal industry professionals’ entire needs.

As freight forwarder and river shipper, we organise the multimodal transport of goods and provide a complete financial guarantee to ensure their secure transport. Moreover, we take care of the administrative procedures and assume responsibility to fulfil your transport projects.

In conformity to the loader’s instructions, we carry out the product’s transport responsibly.