Urban freight distribution

As a major operator in transport by river on the river Seine and in Europe, Coalis provides their customers with logistic solutions to the heart of the cities.

Thanks to 60 boats, barges and pushers and a total of 80,000 tons of hold capacity, Coalis offers innovative and sustainable solutions, at the best price.


Logistics by river at the heart of the cities

transport-fluvial-zone-urbaineCarrying building materials for the construction sector into the cities is a real challenge for the industry professionals : Congestion, delayed convoys or accidents, noise pollution and high prices are some of the impediments they need to deal with.

To easily supply Paris logistic centres, Coalis carries your building materials by river.

An unloading boat connects the different suppliers and loads aggregate Big Bags, breeze blocks pallets, etc.

Those building materials are then unloaded on the warehouse river docks in the city centres.




 Coalis: urban freight distribution by river transport